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Share your story about the sea - Looking for Norwegian and English people to contribute

With The Rising Tides is an interdisciplinary dance theatre project from dance artists Linzy Na Nakorn and Maria Lothe. We are currently looking for stories from the UK and Norway to be involved with our research and creation. For English, please visit

Betweenroom/Mellomrom at "Us & Them" hosted by Tetrad Collective 1st of May

1st of May I will be sharing the latest development of Betweenroom/Mellomrom, a collaborative research between movement and clay. I have recently been interested in how I can use structures and patterns found in natural ecosystems to create a compositional structure for the work. The elements of clay and the body also plays an important role in relation to nature. 

Exit Visa at The Place

Exit Visa is a professional development program hosted by the Place and led by Jo Moran. Together with five other female dance artists, we will explore and discuss our artistic practice. There will also be guest artists sharing their practice with us. I am looking forward to spend April-July questioning, discussing and sharing with these amazing people!

YOU & The Sea - Share your story

Together with dance artist Linzy Nakorn we are looking for stories of the sea to be involved with our research and creation of With The Rising Tides. We aim to explore, celebrate and educate. The project will address the issue of rising sea levels, coastal erosion and our relationship with the sea

Rocket and yin yoga workshop Saturday 23 April !

Students at Trinity Laban: Enjoy 3 hours of Rocket and Yin Yoga! Together with David Kam we will guide you through a fun, energizing and calming class for your body and mind. More info soon! In the meanwhile, have a look at David's website :-)

Debussy's String Quartet with BitterSuite

Read about the amazing BitterSuite, leaded by artistic director Stephanie Singer. This Sunday, we were performing as part of the Vault Festival in London. A sensory concert with music by Debussy!

One week research on stream of consciousness

Together with dance artist Christopher Spraggs, we facilitated a one week research on stream of consciousness as a part of CoLab at Trinity Laban. Both music and dance students were involved, and all moving and sounding. Have a look at one of the participants blog about the project!

(DI)VISION post Resolution

Thank you to everyone who has supported our card board box piece so far, and a special thanks to The Norwegian Embassy and RFD in Oslo for the support towards Resolution. We are eager to continue with (DI)VISION, and are looking forward to future development!

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APRIL, 2016

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