WINSNES/ÅLSKOG - Performer in "Stillhet & Mørke - FLOKK"

JON TOMBRE & METTE KARLSVIK - Performer in "Surtsey"
BODYCARTOGRAPHY PROJECT - Performer in "Resisting Extinction"

ECOHEROES - Choreographer/performer with Edginton, Parsons, Marstein Olsen
EKKO - Performer and choreographer with Marte Reitan Sterud and Gunhild Nyaas
MARTIN CREED - Performer in "Inside Out", The Twist Kistefos Museum
WHAT'S COMING OUT OF THE BOX - Performer in "Inside"

BICYCLE BALLET - Performer in "Strictly Cycling"

THEA STANTON DANCE - Performer in dance film
MOSESKJEGG OG TISTELSTØV - Choreographer and performer

ARV - Co-choreographer and performer

SIB - Board Member

PRAXIS - Board Member

Extinction Rebellion -  Activist and Internal coordinator of Artivism and Red Rebels



Maria Lothe (NO/SE) is a queer dance artist working as a choreographer, performer, yoga teacher and producer, currently based in Oslo. She works in different freelance constellations, as well as making her own work, and has performed for artists and companies within dance, theatre and performance art in Norway and the UK. She has a two year diploma from Skolen for Samtidsdans in Oslo (2012), and a BA Hons in Contemporary Dance from Trinity Laban (2015) in London.


She did her yoga teacher training in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga at Ashtanga Yoga Mysore in India (2014), and an advanced teacher training in Yin Yoga (2015) with The Yoga People in London, both accredited by The Yoga Alliance International.

Maria is currently based in Oslo, Norway


As a dance artist I am interested in how the body influences its surroundings, and how surroundings influence the body - physically, functionally and emotionally. The dialogue between the inside and outside, and where they meet, interact and interchange. 
I let the movements be inspired and informed by shapes and sensory experiences in site specific spaces, as well as using object(s) as a tool and dancing partner. I investigate how the body can manipulate and transform objects, and how the object can change its meaning and representation through its relationship to the body, space and choreographic composition.
I am interested in questions around climate change, environment and societal structures, and the inner and outer emotional and physical landscapes of these topics. I express these questions through the use of the body/bodies in relation to space, object and the audience. Through collaboration with other art forms and artists, as well as inviting the audience to take part in process and outcome, I use art as a means to reflect and discuss societal and climate related challenges, with engagement of both body and mind, with a goal to create debate and positive change through art.