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Our modern society is made up by structure and rules, an external factor suggesting how to behave and interact with your surroundings. Sometimes we strive to meet these external expectations, in order to have a sense of belonging. We can, without knowing, be influenced by others thoughts or values and make them our own. What are our own values? How do we know if they are truly our own? What is normal and what is different? Who are normal and who are different? How come you act in a certain way with some people, and another way with someone else? Does the structure of our society and politics benefit us? Is there equality between everyone, no matter culture and background? These blurry, big questions were something we wanted to explore and question (more) through movement and choreography. In order for us to grasp this, we chose to have a personal viewpoint and approach to our investigations. We made a conscious choice not to research external viewpoints, even though they probably unconsciously affect us.


We've been using cardboard boxes, initially as a visual metaphor of how society put people in boxes. This is quite a literal interpretation, but we like to explore "clichés", as well as we like to move around with objects. Through exploring the relationship with the boxes, physically and mentally, the representation of them is now something that is shifting within the structure of the piece. It is up to the audience to decide what they see, but the boxes has been influenced by numerous of stream of consciousness tasks.


Automatic writing and stream of consciousness has been used as a tool for generating text, but also as an investigation of our understanding of the topic. It puts us in a specific state of mind that affects our improvisation and relationship with each other and the boxes.


The title (DI)VISION

Division means difference, dividing, splitting, separation, detachment... We are all different and have a difference of opinion, which is what can separate us as people, but also what shapes our identity as individuals. In troubled times, we can experience the feeling of being divided in two (or several parts, depending on how troubled you are..)

Vision stands for the ability to see, the ability to think or plan the future with imagination or wisdom. It can be creative and imaginative, something which makes us happy. It can make us see with clarity what we want for ourselves and other people, but this vision might stay an illusion without the power of action.


Photos by Peter D. Hypher

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